Toddler Academy deploys a 4 tier academic development program that is specifically designed to enrich and train children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years of age.

Tier I – Introduces children to their basic colors and shapes, alphabets and numbers.  Once our children have been able to clearly identify numbers 1-100 and sound out letters A-Z as well as recognize their colors and shapes, they advance to Tier II.

Tier II – Introduces children to site recognition of one, two and three letter words through a progressive system created by NCCI’s Academic Board (Lemeed).  Children learn to identify these words, sound them out and understand the meaning of them.  Once our children have shown proficiencies in this Tier, they then advance to Tier III.

Tier III – Introduces children to three and four letter words.  This tier focuses upon reading and reading comprehension to further develop the reading ability of our children.  A lack of reading comprehension is the primary catalysis for academic failure in the public school system as well as many literacy struggles in life.  Tier III mitigates the risk of such incomprehension in literacy, training children how to comprehend and understand what they read at a very early age assists them in their academic journey.  In this tier we introduce writing exercises that helps them with their fine motor skills and ultimately self expression, individuality and confidence.

Tier IV – Introduces children to advance reading and comprehension, writing and math.  In this Tier children will be reading on a 1st grade level or low 2nd grade level and doing basic arithmetic (addition and subtraction).  This is our graduation tier and once your child graduates from this tier we guarantee that they will be far ahead of their peers and motivated to learn more.