National Child Care Institute Scholastics Achievement Program (NCCI SAP) is our K – 6 scholastics elementary school initiative designed to provide children with a learning environment that is academically progressive and intellectually robust. Our system is tailored to address the cognitive abilities of our children while training them to reach newer scholastic heights, academically, socially and emotionally; the development of the whole child.

Objective: NCCI’s objective is to educate children in an environment that will stimulate the growth of the whole child without being inhibited by large classrooms and a generalized scholastic agenda. Every child is different and they learn on different levels and comprehend at different times. Therefore our objective is to identify the strengths and weakness of each child, academically, socially and emotionally and tailor an academic environment that best suits their overall growth.

The main difference with our school is that although we will follow an academic schedule that is age and cognitive applicable, we will also incorporate the next grade level’s academia designed to accentuate and stimulate their natural learning and growth cycle. Instead of holding children back or deploying a stagnate agenda, children will advance to the next level based upon their cognitive abilities and not age, providing they pass the tests that will be administered to reflect their academic prowess and maturity. One of our main objectives is to make sure that our children are more than ready for the State’s end of grade testing (EOG’s) which begins at 3rd grade.

Our program was created by the demands of our parents who saw great success with their children in our precognitive and preparatory programs. Children are able to transition from our preparatory curriculum right into our Scholastics Achievement Program with minimal transitional friction. If you are interested in our school, please contact us for more information.

Required Annual Testing

Children in our preparatory and elementary school take a required annual test (Woodcock Johnson) which reflects our children’s academic prowess and intellectual disposition developed over the school year. Our children normally test 1 to 2 grade levels higher than their peer group, and we promote based upon their performance throughout the year and, their testing results, not age.

92% of NCCI SAP (elementary school) student’s academic performance rates in the top 6 to 2 percent in the nation annually; scores that we are proud to boast about.

94% of NCCI PREP (preparatory school) student’s academic performance rates in the top 6 to 2 percent in the nation annually.

Our objective is to make sure that our children learn how to learn by learning how to study, and how to apply their new found skills, and learn how to compete in an ever changing and competitive environment. If you are concerned about your child’s academic development then you would want to contact us for a consultation.

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