National Child Care Institute (NCCI) is a private non profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Our institution was developed for one purpose and that was to create a True Head Start Program for children. Since 2003, our children have been able to exceed Mecklenburg county and Union county schools scholastic expectations, which represent one of our biggest accomplishments in the academic field. Our number one priority is the academic, social, cultural and intellectual growth of our children and we have created a robust learning system called Lemeed, which is based upon the Montessori learning philosophy accentuated with a strong academic curriculum.

We have designed Lemeed because as educators we know what children need in today’s scholastic climate in order to be successful in their academic endeavors. We are able to meet our objectives in training all of our children because of the unique partnerships we create with the parents, families and teachers for the sake of the child who will be learning under our tutelage. We welcome you to NCCI.